Rudraksha- the sacred beads holds very high spiritual and medicinal values. These beads bless one with physical and mental health and enhance one’s spiritual quotient. The word Rudraksha is derived by the combination of two words Rudra (Lord Shiva) and Aksha (Tears) that as a whole denotes Lord Shiva’s tears... Read More

3 mukhi Rudraksha

Three mukhi Rudraksha:

Three mukhi Rudraksha epitomizes "Fire" God Agnidev. Wearing of this rudraksha rids the person from bondages of his past birth karma and paves way for success by deeds in this birth. It is said that the wearer of 3 mukhi never takes birth again, means he gets Moksha. Wearer is released from past memories of hurt, shame, anger, low self esteem and he rises and shines to reveal his illuminated true pure self. It heals stomach and liver ailments.

Power Of Three Mukhi Rudraksha Beads:

  • Regulates digestive system.
  • It cures diseases related to stomach, pancreas & liver.
  • Releases stress, anxiety and ill effects of apprehension on body, mind & emotions.

Chakra Benefit:

Three mukhi Rudraksha activates the Manipura chakra which is the Navel chakra and clears its blockages and balances it. With a balanced third chakra, a person earns name, fame and becomes a leader.