Rudraksha- the sacred beads holds very high spiritual and medicinal values. These beads bless one with physical and mental health and enhance one’s spiritual quotient. The word Rudraksha is derived by the combination of two words Rudra (Lord Shiva) and Aksha (Tears) that as a whole denotes Lord Shiva’s tears... Read More

6 mukhi Rudraksha

Six Mukhi Rudraksha Beads

Six mukhi rudraksha is ruled by the War God, Lord Kartikeya and pacifies planet Mars. Wearer is blessed with several virtues of willpower, courage, perfection, grounding and focus. It releases mental lethargy and vices of lust and ego. It increases the wearer’s connection with mother earth. He receives luck and assets such as properties and vehicles.

Power of Six Mukhi Rudraksha Beads:

  • Solves issues regarding obesity, piles, knees, leg and bone pain.
  • Drives away lethargy, exhaustion, tediousness and empowers the wearer with positivity.
  • Negates the effects of planet Mars.
  • Offers willpower, courage, perfection, grounding and focus.
  • Releases rational lassitude and vices such as lust and ego.

Chakra Benefit:

Six mukhi Rudraksha activates the Muladhara and Swathisthana chakras and thus the wearer gets rid of laziness, procrastination, low energy, low self-confidence and acquires wisdom and strength to face all challenges.