Rudraksha- the sacred beads holds very high spiritual and medicinal values. These beads bless one with physical and mental health and enhance one’s spiritual quotient. The word Rudraksha is derived by the combination of two words Rudra (Lord Shiva) and Aksha (Tears) that as a whole denotes Lord Shiva’s tears... Read More

Indrakshi Mala

Get The Best Indrakshi Mala

Spiritual rosaries are as important in Hindu religion as Yantras and chanting mantras. Chakra Yog offers Indrakshi mala combinations and Siddhi combination based on RRST, a unique scientific technique formulated by Neeta Singhal for uplifting the underprivileged, healing and curing various disorders as well as rejuvenating the body Chakras. RRST stands for Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy and offers chakra balancing products including rudraksha beads and gemstones that are specifically chosen and expertly strung to be worn as pendants, rings and bracelets. These stay close to the body and correct the frequencies of the misaligned chakra directly over time, removing the need for other time-consuming therapies.

Indrakshi Mala & Bracelet Combinations

Indra mala influences all Siddhis for accomplishment in the any field. Indrakshi mala consists of blessings of all Gods and protects the wearer from any kind of harm, loss or danger. It has rare Rudraksha beads ranging from 1 mukhi to 21 mukhi, strung together to create a magnetic aura around the wearer that gives him/her power, removes negative energy and fulfils all worldly desires. Here is the list of all Rudraksha beads that are coalesced in Indrakshi mala as per RSST, along with their benefits:

1 Mukhi - Super consciousness 

2 Mukhi - Union of male and female energies within

3 Mukhi - Burning the sins of past karmas

4 Mukhi - Empowering creativity

5 Mukhi - Health benefits

6 Mukhi - Concentration and stability

7 Mukhi - Wealth and abundance

8 Mukhi - Remove all obstacle from life’s path

9 Mukhi – Dynamism and Charisma

10 Mukhi - Nullifying malefic effects of all nine planets

11 Mukhi - Improving vocabulary and communication skills

12 Mukhi - Strength and radiance

13 Mukhi - Charm and charisma

14 Mukhi - Sensory control & balance of mind

15 Mukhi - Unconditional love and happiness

16 Mukhi - Protection

17 Mukhi - Leadership and intuition

18 Mukhi - Grounding with Mother Earth

19 Mukhi - Wealth, success and abundance in all spheres

20 Mukhi - All worldly desires

21 Mukhi - Materialistic richness At Chakra Yog, the Indra mala is available in gold as well as silver chain with several design options. For best results, these are also paired with a bracelet.